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Grove, OK Dentistry - Grand Lake Dental - General, Restorative & Cosmetic Oral Services

Vision and Mission Statement

To provide world class dental care and be a leader in dentistry, both meeting and exceeding patient expectations. Providing excellent service to our patients with enthusiasm and positive attitudes come above all else. We strive to treat our patients with compassion and respect, our goal is to deliver the highest quality dental care to our patients in a safe, clean, and modern environment.


Values We Share

Do the right thing with honesty and integrity
Commitment to our patients and fellow employees
Safety before all other tasks
Quality is the biggest driver of productivity
Everything we do can and should be improved

I value individuals, but not above the team
I make and keep my commitments
I set goals for myself and I am committed to excellence
I practice teamwork and trust my team members

Attention To Detail

To operate a dental office that is known for exceptional quality and an objective to be the best.

Service To Customer Above All Else

Being the best is not defined by architecture or décor, but by service. So we must make the quality of service our distinguishing feature and make patients come first.


We will create a work ethic based on the Golden Rule to give our team a framework to pursue a superior service culture. 


As we grow as a dental office, we will build a brand synonymous with quality.


Working together as a team allows us to achieve our goals efficiently and effectively,  building bonds of companionship and trust resulting in abilities.


Our practice values honesty and building trust. We fulfill our responsibility to our patients by supplying reliable services with the utmost comfort care.

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