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One of the ways someone can feel their best is if their smile matches their ideal image. Dr. Karl Jobst helps cosmetically enhance patients’ teeth by various using dental prosthetics, including veneers. Grand Lake Dental provides porcelain veneers in Grove and the surrounding communities.

Brightening Stained Teeth

Teeth can lose their luminosity for several reasons, from drinking coffee to family genetics. However, most methods of tooth whitening only work on external staining. When a tooth is stained from the inside out, the darkened coloring cannot be lifted by whitening gels, strips, or kinds of toothpaste. The tooth must instead be covered with a natural-appearing restoration.

Porcelain veneers conceal the internal tooth staining, returning it to a lighter color. The translucence and color of dental porcelain closely match that of a natural, healthy tooth, so the resulting brightness looks like it belongs in the smile. Additionally, due to the resilience and stain resistance of porcelain, the whitening effects of veneers last for several years.

Repairing Chipped Enamel

Chips, cracks, and other dental injuries occur in different levels of severity. If visible chips and cracks only affect a small portion of the enamel, leaving the rest of the tooth in healthy shape, then the restoration needed would be mostly cosmetic.

Veneers are excellent restorations for reshaping teeth which are only aesthetically damaged. These shells cover any small chips, making the tooth look whole and healthy once more. Veneers can also last longer than other options, so the tooth stays whole.

Concealing Gaps in the Smile

Teeth alignment is another oral health concern that varies in its gravity. However, mildly misaligned teeth might only affect how your smile looks, not how it functions. The gaps between teeth may be a fixture of your smile’s appearance that you want to change for purely cosmetic reasons, in which case orthodontic solutions would be overtreatment.

If fixing these gaps are crucial to developing your ideal smile, porcelain veneers offer an alternative to braces. Veneers adjust the width of teeth, just as they alter their shape. The restored tooth will be properly spaced, creating a more uniform appearance.

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